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==October-December 2016==
===Review of Co-design process===Consultants Kaizen conducted a review of the two co-design exercises. Their report will be published on 10th January 2017. Some submissions to the consultants' review commenting on the co-design projects are available here: Eileen Conn, Clyde Watson. Some main comments are that much more work needs to be done to agree what co-design should mean in practise and how it should be conducted. Co-design is part of a set of mechanisms to bring about collaboration between different stakeholders. Successful collaboration cannot be imposed and so agreement on the remit and parameters of a co-design process seem essential. Also for successful codesign with communities a parallel process for communities to share and discuss the ideas and the work seems an important ingredient. None of this was present in the Peckham projects and their absence had a negative effect on the experience and the outcome. The review was conducted after local deputations to the Cabinet, Community Council and Planning Committee. To learn the lessons adequately, it will be essential for the community to be effectively engaged in discussing and reviewing the consultant’s report into the process. Otherwise the key lesson about collaboration will still not have been learnt.
===Co-design process 2013-2016===

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