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[July 2014 Peckham Vision launched the [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway/Jan-Sep_2014#Successful_community_public_event_23_July_2014|community built model of the station area]] at a public community meeting in Bussey Building.]<br>
July 2014: Ash Sakula arranged event in Peckham Liberal Club for (about 30) residents to meet them.<br>
August 2014: Ash Sakula launch of the co-design project on roof of multi storey car park.<br>September–October 2014: CoDesign Ash Sakula co-design process in operation including:
* Events during the week in the station forecourt and at foot of the old staircase, and ‘Weekly’ meetings on Tuesday evenings for creating a weekly publication.
* Some meetings in All Saints church hall on different topics.

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