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Cross-River Tram route map through Peckham to the proposed depot.

In December 2006 to January 2007, Transport for London (TfL) consulted local people about the possible routes through Peckham for the proposed tram. This included two options to get the tram across Peckham High Street, and two options for the terminus near Peckham Rye station.

Peckham High Street crossing:

  • behind the Library, across Peckham Hill St, behind Mission Place and across Peckham High Street to the bus garage and into Morrisons’ car park; or
  • through Peckham Town Square, across Peckham High St and through the buildings on the south side of the High Street, and along to Morrison’s car park.

Tram terminus from Morrison’s car park:

  • Hanover Park, Clayton Road, Consort Road, right hand turn after Consort Rd railway bridge into and through proposed tram depot site between Rye Lane, Bournemouth Rd, Copeland Rd, Consort Rd, Brayards Rd; or
  • Hanover Park, Cerise Road, ending in new development and piazza in the area currently occupied by the multi-storey car park and Woolworths.

Points to note on TfL’s options:

  • involve double tram tracks on all roads, with traffic problems at key junctions
  • local concerns about effects on Jocelin Street & Town Square
  • High St historic buildings demolished in option going through Town Square
  • Clayton Road route to terminal assumes tram depot will be in Peckham
  • Cerise Road route to terminal is shortest and causes less traffic problems