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23rd April 2018 Traffic speeding

Bellenden Rd rail bridge

The Met police will be conducting a speeding operation on Lyndhurst Way (and hopefully Bellenden Road). They will be looking for volunteers to help in the operation to use the speed gun. If you are willing to volunteer, please email Alastair Roots <>

17th April 2018 Road diversions

The Victorian rail bridge over Bellenden Road will be replaced in May. So Bellenden Road South (on the one way system) between Holly Grove and Blenheim Grove will be closed for a month from 7th May to 8th June. The road traffic diversions are shown here. This will be a major diversion of vehicles back onto Peckham High Street into Rye Lane and into Blenheim Grove the wrong way back to Chadwick Road. Cyclists will be diverted along Holly Grove into Rye Lane and back up Blenheim Grove. Avoid this area when you are coming south in a vehicle, if you can, to prevent town centre traffic grinding to a halt.