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This page is a draft page, and is currently under construction.

The following is a list of projects either in the planning, proposal or building stage:

  • 237-247 Rye Lane, Peckham.


Project title Plan proposer Information Picture Project stage
Peckham Rye Station Council Redevelopment of Peckham Rye train station including... Council station rear2.jpg Planning
Cross-River Tram Council Tram details, including proposed depot in Peckham town centre TfL latest revised route map with rail.png On hold
Copeland Cultural Quarter Peckham Vision Redevelopment of entire Copeland area opposite Peckham Rye Station... Masterplan - CCQ.png Proposed
Hannah Barry Gallery Local community group Local artists... Under way
Conservation area for Peckham town centre Peckham Society with English Heritage To protect historic buildings and to enable development plans to integrate them into modern development. See English Heritage's Historic Area Assessment of Central Peckham report Planning. Principle agreed. Council needs to be persuaded to move the timetable for developing and agreeing the details faster than the process for the PNAAP.