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This page is a draft page, and is currently under construction.

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This section gives information from local residents about planning applications, planning enforcement issues, and licensing applications, in or affecting the Rye Lane West neighbourhood [link to the eventual map] Different laws and procedures apply to these different matters, though to a local resident often the issue is exactly the same – that of trying to avoid or reduce a nuisance. Complying with the different and exact procedures in great detail is often essential to achieve anything useful, as is making contact with other neighbours who are also affected. For information on the procedures see the Council’s website:

Planning applications:

Planning enforcement:

Licensing applications:

While actions have to be taken individually by residents, sharing the information and increasing the numbers involved is often a key to success. We hope that this planning section of the website can help residents in this. It lists a few of the past cases which residents have told us about, and will be used to list future cases we hear about. Click on a case heading to see more information on each one. As we develop the section, we aim to include reports from residents giving hints and tips on what worked and what to avoid from their own experiences. If you have anything on this or if you want to publicise an issue which is concerning you, please email . If you can, send us a photo of the site in question.

20 October 2008 Planning Application: 58 Choumert Road reference 08-AP-2390:

Further to the BRG email, circulating the report from the Chadwick Rd resident on two planning applications in Choumert Mews/Road, we have had an email from the owner of 58 Choumert Rd, the property which is the subject of the new application. .. He himself is objecting to the appeal on the other property. His email explains why he is objecting, but also but also why this is a very different case from his own completely separate planning application for changes at 58 Choumert Rd read more...

18 October 2008 Appeal against Planning refusal: Choumert Mews developments

Here is a report, from a resident in Chadwick Road, on planning applications on back-land developments there which would have harmful effects on the area, especially to any streets with a double row of gardens running between them. … The developer is appealing against refusal, and the deadline for objecting to the appeal is imminent – next Friday 24th October. Objections have to go to the Planning Inspectorate by post to be received no later than Monday 27 October read more...

2 October 2008 Noise nuisance: Nightclub premises in Peckham Rye station forecourt

There is a night club called RnB Club in the forecourt of Peckham Rye station which you might have heard on your way home in the evening through the station. The Council would like to hear from any residents who know how long the premises have been used as a nightclub, and/or also what the premises were used for before then. Read more to see exactly where this is, and how to contact the Council. read more... Link also to new Word doc: GN 12A Station Way objection

September 2008 Appeal Against Planning refusal: Meat & Fish Market, 1-4 Holly Grove

In late 2007 work began, without planning permission, to convert the industrial premises in the buildings at 1-4 Holly Grove into a retail shop. Residents drew this to the attention of the Council Planning Enforcement Department, but nothing was done. The premises then opened for business as a very large Meat & Fish Market with enormous advertising signs visible from Rye Lane. Residents with the support oft the BRG took a deputation to the Nunhead & Peckham Rye Community Consul to ask for enforcement action against the unauthorized use. As a result a planning application for retrospective planning permission was made. This was finally refused because amongst other things it would change the character of that area and extend the town centre into the residential area, that there was no justification for more meat and fish retail units in the town centre, that there would be an unwelcome loss of non retail work units, and that there were unsightly unauthorized changes to the buildings, and an appeal against the refusal was made in August 2008. An Enforcement Notice was also served and the business closed, and an appeal against the Enforcement Order was made. Both of these appeals will be heard in 2009.