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Examination in Public (EiP)

EiP Part Two ends 30 April 2021

These Hearings covered all the site allocations in the different neighhbourhoods. The recordings can be found on Youtube links on the Council's Hearings page, - under 'Matter 10 - Area Visions & Site Allocations - General approach to site allocations' from 19th April to 30th April. Matter 6 Housing Land Supply and Matter 9 - Infrastructure & Implementation were heard on 28 and 29 April. The Inspectors' recommendations will be available in June 2021. There will then be a Council consultation on the recommended changes.

EiP Part One concludes

Recordings of all the Part One sessions are available on the Youtube links on the Council's Hearings page. Here are links to the recordings for particular sessions or topics, and the timings for community contributions:

  • SP2 Regeneration that works for all. This strategic policy was examined in Matter 2 on Wednesday 24th February: There were three sections to the discussion.
    • Regeneration for all: The community contribution starts 52:40 (52 Minutes) into the session. The response from the Inspectors and then from the Council starts at 1.43:20 (one hour, 43 minutes). Local individuals who spoke were: Eileen Conn, Harps Aujla, Bill Perry, Corinne Turner, Mike Wilson, Maria Staunton, Mark Mahalovic, Richard Lee, Steve Lancashire, Toby O'Connor.
    • Local economy: community start: 1.57:00. Harps Aujla, Corinne Turner, Julie Brinkworth, Eileen Conn, Mark Mahalovic, Mark Brearley, Richard Lee.
    • Heritage: Community start: 2.29.00. Jo Frost, Corinne Turner, Eileen Conn, Mark Brearley, Jason Leech,

All these individuals, and others speaking on other days, have been linked through the work of the Southwark Planning Network (SPN). Local community groups and local charities connected with these individuals in this planning work are: Peckham Vision, XR Southwark, SE5 Forum, Vital OKR, Camberwell Society, Balfour Housing Coop, Pages Walk Residents, Old Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum. Southwark Law Centre, Pembroke House, Southwark Cyclists, Elephant Amenity Network, Canal Grove Residents, SGTO (Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations), STAG (Southwark Travellers Action Group), Friends of Burgess Park, Trees for Bermondsey, Friends of Nunhead Cemetery.

Next steps The Inspectors and the Council will publish before Easter draft (not final) main and minor modifications arising from Part One that they are discussing. Concluded Statements of Common Ground (SoCG) on policy issues must be submitted by 26 March, and for site allocations by 1 April. A revised timetable for 19-30 April will be published probably before Easter to give more time for sessions on the site allocations.

Hearing sessions discussions

The public hearings into the New Southwark Plan (NSP) start on Tuesday 23rd February and conclude at the end of April. They are in two parts: Part one from 23 February to 11 March dealing with most of the borough wide land use policies, and Part Two from 19 to 30 April dealing with all the area visions and site allocations and remaining overall policies. They will be on-line by zoom, live-streamed on Youtube via a Council Link. That link will be added to the Hearings Schedule chapter (page) of the New Southwark Plan Examination Page 30 minutes before the start of each session. The link to that page is: This is an easy to follow page. Each Matter from number 1 to 10 is set out one by one showing the subject/topic. the date of the hearing. the Agenda, and the weblink for the live streamed Hearing which afterwards is the link for the recording of it.

It is worth bookmarking so you can look it up easily on the date of each session. The Hearings will provide an excellent opportunity to view interesting and informative round table discussions about several important topics affecting life in many aspects in this borough. They will be available for viewing afterwards and can provide good material for further educational discussions about planning, and life in Southwark. A short form of the timetable is available here. This shows the date for each topic. Lists of participants invited to each session are shown here. Do have a look to see which sessions are of interest so that you can note them in your diary. Local involvement in the EiP is being supported by workshops and guidance created by the Southwark Planning Network - active citizens supporting each other in engaging with planning.

Update February 2021

The Public Hearings will take place from 23rd February to 29th April 2021. This will be in two parts. The first part will be from 23rd February to 10th March. Part 2 will be from 22nd April to 29th April 2021. The detailed timetable is here. That shows the lists of invited participants and the topics for each day. Any queries on this should be emailed to <>. SPN is arranging workshops and guidance on the issues and the processes for those taking part. If you need more information, please email SPN <>.

Update October 2020

details are on the SPN (Southwark Planning Network) new temporary website here:

UPDATE September 2020

The Planning Inspectors rejected the Council's submission of the NSP in April. The Council has revised the submission version again as a result and it is out for consultation again 27 August to 26 October 2020. This will be followed by the EiP (Examination ion Public) in the New Year. The Council's information about all this is on their website here. The main documents for the EiP are:

More details are on the new SPN (Southwark Planning Network) website here:

UPDATE January 2020

we are waiting to hear when the Examination in Public (EiP) and the Public Hearings will take place. They are possibly going to be in May 2020 with lots of preparation work before then.

NSP Amended Policies

The Council are consulting on changes to the NSP Submission version between January and May 2019. Deadline for comments is 17th May 2019.

Policy topics

These are the policies being amended and SPN is preparing templates on each of these. If you want to see any of them, email
Drafts ready:

  • SP2 Regeneration that works for all
  • P1 Social rented and intermediate homes (two examples)
  • P4 Private rented homes
  • P9 Optimising delivery of new homes
  • P14 Tall buildings
  • P28 Affordable workspace
  • P36 Hotels and other visitor accommodation
  • P70 Local List
  • P71 Homes for Travellers and gypsies

Drafts in preparation

  • Annex 4 Borough Views
  • Area Vision - Aylesbury

* Site Allocations

  • NSP 57 Mandela Way
  • NSP 65 Glengall rd, Latona Rd, OKR
  • NSP 69 & 70 Hatcham and Ilderton
  • NSP 80 St Olavs Business Pk, Lower Rd
  • NSP 86 Croft St Depot

* Proposals Map

  • Old Jamaica Rd Ind Est SPIL
  • gasworks site OKR
  • Camberwell town centre

Relevant documents

SPN workshops

SPN is holding Workshops to discuss the issues and the way to make representations before the deadline 17th May 2019. These are:

  • Monday 15th April 1-3pm Peckham Vision studio, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane SE15
  • Monday 29th April 7-9pm Peckham Vision studio, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane SE15
  • Wednesday 8th May 6.30pm-8.30pm Giraffe House, Burgess Park, 285 Albany Road, London SE5 0AH
  • Thursday 9th May 6.30-8.30pm Drapers Tenants’ Hall, 1 Howel Walk, London SE1 6TL

For more information email:

NSP submission latest

  • April 2019 SPN training group is preparing information in the form of templates for SPN on the issues to think about and the representations to make about the soundness of the NSP in the light of the proposed amendments.
  • January 2019 The Council are consulting on changes to the NSP between January and May 2019. Deadline for comments is 17th May 2019. SPN is developing guidance on the issues and the way to make representations following the SPN meeting on 11th February 2019. Further information will be posted on this page. If you wish to contribute to this please email to seek more information.
  • December 2018 Some SPN members met with Cllr Johnson Situ (Planning and Regeneration) and Cllr Leo Pollak (Social Housing) for an informal discussion about the way to increase substantially the social housing in the borough. This note about the issues was provided by the SPN members as a basis for the discussion.
  • September 2018 The submission of the NSP before the elections did not happen. It is now expected to be submitted in 2019. SPN has asked Cllr Johnson Situ new Cabinet Member for Planning and Development to publish information on the representations it received. This would have been done already under the original time table.
  • April 2018 SPN organised a community hustings in April during the local Council elections. This created the opportunity for a first borough wide discussion of significant issues raised by the NSP.

Election Hustings May 2018

An election hustings on planning and regeneration was arranged for Saturday 14th April 2.30pm-5pm by the Southwark Planning Network in the lead up to the local Council elections on 3rd May. This was a community-led meeting, and a community exhibition on planning issues from the neighbourhoods across the borough. It was at Christ Church at 676-680 Old Kent Road, near Commercial Way. Email to get involved.

Follow up

New Southwark Plan (NSP) Submission consultation

February 2018 Consultation ended

The consultation ended on 27th February 2018. The council will now collate the comments and submit them to the Government along with the new Southwark Plan. Some community comments on the main issues will be uploaded here in due course, and highlighted for the Council elections. The Council intends to submit the NSP to the Government before the local elections in May 2018.


This page is compiled by Peckham Vision through the work in coordinating Southwark Planning Network (SPN). The New Southwark Plan (NSP) which is out for consultation, until Tuesday 27th February 2018, is the final version from the Council. They aim to submit it without changes to the Government in April for the Examination in Public (EiP) sometime between June and possibly November 2018. You can see a copy here. You can get a paper copy by mailing - - and arranging to pick it up at Tooley Street or asking them if they will post it. There are also copies available in Libraries for reference. For more on the information on this page, and how to get involved, email: More Council information on the NSP plus the borough map with many improtant details click here.

Submitting comments

Comments on the Council’s consultation on the New Southwark Plan have to be sent to by 27th February 2018. It is important to get emails in on any policies that you are interested in and also development sites in areas that you are familiar with. Example templates have been prepared by SPN members to help in this:

Making minimum comments

You can read through the templates above and see if anything there is something you support, then copy and paste it into your own email or word doc. The minimum is:

  • your personal details.
  • you want to appear at the public hearings/oral examination
  • the policy number and policy name
  • The policy is unsound because it isn't [insert the soundness test from the template and explanation.]
  • copy and paste or summarise or select any reasons from the template if you wish.
  • if you have any, insert a few sentences on any local examples you have.
  • Copy and paste the proposed changes or just say something like 'I can make suggestions about changes to the NSP to make it sound.'
  • email to

Structure of NSP

The New Southwark Plan (NSP) submission version comprises of the following document parts:

  • The Plan - this is the main document which has 342 pages; it is available in printed form and digital form on the Council’s New Southwark Plan (NSP) page.
    • This large document is in two main parts:
      • policies pages 13-93
      • neighbourhoods (headed Area Visions & Site Allocations) pages 94-342. A separate pdf for each of 15 neighbourhoods is here.
    • The Contents Page 3-7 lists all the policies and the neighbourhoods. A copy of this is available here.
  • 11 schedules and maps - these are all mentioned in the Plan report; the titles of the schedules and where they are referenced in the Plan report are listed here.
  • 6 Annexes - these all form part of the NSP. The titles of the 6 Annexes are shown here. The Annexes are in a separate document on the Council’s New Southwark Plan (NSP) page.

The Appendices are ‘supporting documents’. They also are listed for download on the Council’s New Southwark Plan (NSP) page.

December 2017 Getting help to make comments

At this stage of developing the Plan, the Council does not take any moire comments for discussion. Instead they are submitting their final version of the New Southwark Plan (called the Submission Version) to the Government for an Examination in Public (EiP). An Inspector is appointed and the Inspector arranges Public Hearings on the basis of comments that people make in writing before the 27th February 2018 (extended from 12th February). These comments are 'representations'. This page brings together the information we are compiling about community organised sessions across the borough in January/February 2018 for help and advice to local people on preparing their representations on the New Southwark Plan (NSP). These are arranged by Peckham Vision through the Southwark Planning Network (SPN) and in collaboration with Community Southwark and Southwark Law Centre

Session Dates

These are the dates, at 7-9pm. Details here.

  • Monday 8th January: introductions and advice @ Peckham Vision Bussey studio
  • Monday 15th January: introductions and advice @ Alfred Salter School, Rotherhithe
  • Wednesday 17th January: introductions and advice @ Big Local, Bermondsey Blue
  • Tuesday 23rd January: Public Meeting on Conservation & Heritage planning policy All Saints Hall, Peckham
  • Thursday 25th January: introductions and advice @ Wells Way TRA alongside Burns Night
  • Monday 29th January @ Leathermarket JMB, 26 Leathermarket Street
  • Tuesday 30th January: SPN meeting @ Peckham Vision Bussey studio
  • Monday 5th February: drop-in finalising representations @ Peckham Vision Bussey studio
  • Friday 16th February: drop in @ Peckham Vision Bussey studio
  • Tuesday 20th February: Drop-in Elephant Amenity Network Drapers House, SE1 6T

You can come to one or more than one session. Please email to reserve a place and for further information.

New Southwark Plan (NSP) soundness tests

Only people or organisations who send in written comments by 27th February 2018 saying the NSP is not legal or is unsound for specific reasons, and in the right format, will be able to speak at the Public Hearings if the Inspector invites them. For information on this see

Template for comments

To help in this process, we have prepared a template to use to submit comments here. This will be an acceptable alternative or complementary to the on-line form on the Council's website, as well as to keep notes of the required details. There are some key aspects that must be followed to have a good chance of your issue(s) being chosen by the Inspector for the Public Hearings and for you to be invited to speak. The template is designed to capture all this.

NSP extracts

We have created pdfs for some parts of the NSP to help them to be found more easily. Ones created so far are:

How to start

In the meantime you can start or continue to identify what you want to comment on. We will be sending more info and advice on all this later, but we suggest these steps first:

1. AREA VISION(S) & DEVELOPMENT SITES Read carefully the pages for your neighbourhood(s) which contain the Area Vision and all your area's development sites. - You will find these in pages 94-335 in : the NSP - You can find a pdf from that for your neighbourhood to download and print here:

  • Identify what you think should be changed, and why, in the Area Vision and/or any sites that you know, and write some text for that, and keep a careful note of the page number and NSP section number references. Bring a typed draft of this text, even if rough, with you to one or more of the drop-in sessions.
  • We are doing a special exercise on the loss of industrial land across the borough so please note carefully which sites in your neighbourhood are losing industrial land and how much.

2. NSP DEVELOPMENT POLICIES There are 6 strategic policies (pages 3, & 16-20 in the NSP) but they cover many individual topic policies some of which interrelate. The list of Contents on Pages 3-7 show what topics are included in the detailed policies and how they are grouped. At this stage, if you have time read through the policies on pages 21-93, mark any that you have questions about or concerns or already have a view that they are not right or there are better ones. Draft your ideas and keep a careful note of the page number and NSP section number references.

  • If you haven't time to read all the NSP policies, see if any concerns of yours fit with the topics in the NSP Contents list on pages 3-7 and look to see what the NSP says about them.
23 Jan Conservation & Heritage Event PHRP.jpg

We expect there to be a number of comments across a wide range of policies, and we aim during January to link these where it is useful. These include:

  • Housing- protecting existing homes, provision of affordable and social housing, rented housing, family homes, and student housing
  • Local economy- loss of industrial land, supporting high streets, creative industries, enterprises and small businesses,
  • Environment - extent of tall buildings, protection of heritage (see public meeting 23rd January), open & green spaces, provisions for flooding, air quality, avoiding fuel poverty

We will also be aiming to link comments on the above where they bring out the impact of the NSP on the following:

  • Health & wellbeing- including examining the new policies for 'social regeneration'
  • People & groups - impact on and provision for existing residents, families & children, young people, older people, disabled people, mental health, equalities, gypsies & travellers.