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We have been working in the Bussey building for about 3 years and don’t want to move anywhere else. We work across a range of specialisms including graphic design, printmaking, jewellery and painting. As a group and individually, we have produced work for clients including Paul Smith, Nike, & Red Bull. As a collective we have exhibited at several galleries including:

We are currently working on a new Garudio show which will be at the

and also another show in the summer along with planned projects with various public spaces.

We are currently selling our products through beyond the valley, London and numerous stores in Tokyo, Japan as well as through our on line shop in Peckham.

Individually we all work as part of various creative industries in London and further a field including Advertising and Education, including being key members of staff at central Saint Martins, London Metropolitan University and University College of the Creative Arts at Epsom. Alongside this, individual exhibitions include

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