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April 2008 from Alice White

Producer and Reporter Stefanie McIntyre visited my studio last week, bringing a grand total of three film cameras and all sorts of interestingly portable microphones with her. I am delighted to announce that the result of the interview she conducted, concerning my artwork and my involvement with the enterprise Art-Switch is now live online at the Reuters website. You’ll see one of my paintings, titled ‘Dearly Beloved’ early in the film; it is the painting of the Stag. This has also been used as the icon for the piece of reportage itself. You then get a sneak peek at the interior of my studio and my current work in progress, most notably the painting ‘Ha Bloody Ha’ which features a young woman curling an inscrutable lip. The works you see in the studio form part of a larger series of work titled ‘Pulling Faces’, one example of which is at my website. The final piece mentioned in the report is ‘Colourful Language’. This artwork and ‘Dearly Beloved’ can both be viewed at the Art-Switch website, which you can reach on the ‘Links’ section of my website.

Watch the interview now online!

If you would like to inquire about the current series ‘Pulling Faces’, or any of my work, do contact me. Studio visits are welcome, as are requests for more information.

Also, I can announce that I am currently co-presenting the arts radio programme for community station Radio Peckham. ‘The Primer’ is a monthly arts show, packed full of goodness from the London arts scene. This month’s edition of the Primer will go live at 5pm this Tuesday 6th of May- listen in online. If you miss the live broadcast, no need to panic- all shows are archived within a day and will be posted online. Our pilot show which aired on April 7th can is currently online- and again, the link for this is at the ‘Links’ section of my website under the heading ‘The Primer Show: Your Monthly Cultural Fix’.

I look forward to your response and wish you all the very best for a less thundery Spring

Alice White

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