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[[Image:Football in the park.jpg|thumb|400px|center|]]
[[Image:Football in the park.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Football on Peckham Rye Common]]
[[Image:I Love Peckham.jpg|thumb|400px|center|]]
[[Image:I Love Peckham.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Peckham Rye Village at the entraace to Rye Lane]]
[[Image:Peckham Butcher's.jpg|thumb|400px|center|]]
[[Image:Peckham Butcher's.jpg|thumb|400px|center|One of many Rye Lane butchers]]
[[Image:Peckham Library.jpg|thumb|400px|center|]]
[[Image:Peckham Library.jpg|thumb|400px|center|award winning Peckham Library in Peckham town square]]
[[Image:Peckham Metropolitan Police.jpg|thumb|400px|center|]]
[[Image:Peckham Metropolitan Police.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Peckham Police Station, Peckham High Street]]
[[Image:Peckham Rye Lane.jpg|thumb|400px|center|]]
[[Image:Peckham Rye Lane.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Rye Lane central]]
[[Image:Peckham Rye Park.jpg|thumb|400px|center|]]
[[Image:Peckham Rye Park.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Peckham Rye Common]]
[[Image:Peckham Rye Station today.jpg|thumb|400px|center|]]
[[Image:Peckham Rye Station today.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Peckham Rye station, Grade 2 listed, in Rye Lane central]]
[[Image:Peckham market.jpg|thumb|400px|center|]]
[[Image:Peckham market.jpg|thumb|400px|center|Rye Lane market opposite Choumert Market]]

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File:Football in the park.jpg
Football on Peckham Rye Common
File:I Love Peckham.jpg
Peckham Rye Village at the entraace to Rye Lane
File:Peckham Butcher's.jpg
One of many Rye Lane butchers
File:Peckham Library.jpg
award winning Peckham Library in Peckham town square
File:Peckham Metropolitan Police.jpg
Peckham Police Station, Peckham High Street
File:Peckham Rye Lane.jpg
Rye Lane central
File:Peckham Rye Park.jpg
Peckham Rye Common
File:Peckham Rye Station today.jpg
Peckham Rye station, Grade 2 listed, in Rye Lane central
File:Peckham market.jpg
Rye Lane market opposite Choumert Market