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{{notice|'''Please donate:''' Peckham Vision is a local group that works to keep local people informed of changes in our community, and how they can take action where needed. We 
rely on voluntary contributions; please make a donation so we can continue this important work. To make a donation please '''[[Donate|click here]]'''.}}

'''NOTICE:''' Holdrons Arcade and the Bussey Building are closed during the Covid 19 Public Health emergency. We give good wishes to keep well to all our visitors and hope the human world comes through this in a better place for handling the many challenges there are facing us all. The emergency is already showing the importance of strong local communities and networks. We are continuing our work by digital means to help strengthen those in our neighbourhood in preparation for when we all come through this. We will arrange an Open Studio event when we know we can all socialise again. Any queries - email
* '''Peckham Vision's community shop in Holdrons Arcade open for ad hoc and publicised pop-ups. View information displays and exhibition every day. 
* '''Bussey studio open every few weeks on a publicised date''''''&lt;br&gt;

[[Image:NLQ published EC viewpoint - fact based audit.jpg|thumb|left|300px|]]
[[Image:Planner WoI Circle copy.png|thumb|right|200px]]
[[Image:A4 - Open Studio 14 Mar 2020- v.01 - clour bgrnd.jpg|thumb|right|350px]]
[[Image:change of shop &amp; studio hours v.02 CT amends 02 lo.jpg|thumb|right|500px]]
'''[[Image:PP 1 Front page-page-001.jpg|thumb|left|250px|click link above for interview]]'''
[[Image:Peckham Vision Volunteering v.07 - web text 1024.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Peckham Vision 2019 volunteering opportunities: enquiries welcomed. CLICK ON LINK TO THE LEFT.]]
[[Image:My London Story crop med for web.jpg|thumb|right|300px|]]
[[Image:A3_Master_SRUG_-_Peckham_Rye_tube_map_-_ELL_v.08%28f%29_LoRes.jpg|thumb|right|350px|link=|Click the map for a print copy]]

&lt;small&gt;''“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”'' &lt;br&gt;  Margaret Mead''&lt;/small&gt; 
[[Image:A6 PMS Postcard + Greetings card front-crop.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Peckham Multi Storey building]]
[[Image:Peckham-Rye-Station-2013-01 lo.jpg|right|thumb|200px|original Victorian staircase to Old Waiting Room]]
[[Image:IMG 9542 adj 2400.jpg|thumb|right|300px|community talks about Peckham's future]]
[[Image:IMG_4898_Holdrons_Arcade.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Holdrons Arcade]]
[[Image:Montage v.02 web.jpg|thumb|right|250px|]]
'''Please click [[Volunteering|here for Peckham Vision CURRENT VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES: enquiries welcomed.]]'''&lt;br&gt;
* &lt;small&gt;''“Volunteering with Peckham Vision allows a unique insight into one of London’s most exciting town centres &lt;br&gt;and a chance to play an important role in protecting and shaping its future.”'' Peckham Peculiar August 2017 &lt;/small&gt;

''' 'Eileen has pioneered community engagement in the planning process through her work with Peckham Vision' says The Planner in [ its list of planning's Women of Influence for 2020.]'''

'''NEXT EVENTS'''&lt;br&gt;  
* '''Saturday 14th March 2020 midday to 5pm drop-in to PV Community Open Studio.''' '''[[Media:A4_-_Open_Studio_14_Mar_2020-_v.01_-_clour_bgrnd.jpg|click here to download poster.]] DETAILS &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;'''

'''OTHER NEWS'''&lt;BR&gt;
* '''FACT BASED AUDITS''' '''[ How to transform community engagement: - New London Quarterly viewpoint]'''
*'''[[Planning#January_2019_London_Plan_EiP|London Plan Public Hearings -]] ''' Peckham Vision's evidence for different ways of enabling community contributions to planning: &lt;br&gt;
[[Media:London_Plan_EiP_E_Conn_statement_M9-converted.pdf|- Peckham Vision statement]] on importance of collaboration with the organised community sector. &lt;br&gt;
[[Media:London_Plan_EiP_E_Conn_statement_M15-converted.pdf|- Peckham Vision statement]] - Central Rye Lane as case study of regeneration without demolition and redevelopment. &lt;br&gt;

* '''[[Media:My_London_Story.pdf|TIME OUT INTERVIEW.]]''' Sep 2018 &lt;br&gt;

* '''[[Media:PP_10-11_Eileen_Conn.pdf|PECKHAM PECULIAR INTERVIEW Feb 2019 Pages 10-11]]''' 

* '''[ COPELAND PARK INTERVIEW]''' Jan 2020 Peckham Vision and a history of Copeland Park

* '''PECKHAM MULTI STOREY CAMPAIGN''' [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park|Merchandise for sale in Peckham Vision studio on Open Studio days.]]

&lt;small&gt;'''Finding your way around the website- please click on the links below:'''
* '''[[Main_Page#Follow_us_on_Facebook|click '''HERE''' for live feed to Peckham Vision Facebook and Twitter:]] Frequent news update:'''
* '''[[#Events &amp; Action|NEXT EVENTS &amp; Action]]'''
* '''[[#Current topical issues|CURRENT TOPICAL ISSUES]]''' &lt;BR&gt;
'''[[#Key pages|click HERE to get to links for these Key pages:]]'''
*** Community Engagement
** Planning &amp; Development
*** Central Rye Lane
*** Other Planning
** Working together
** Peckham rail services
** Peckham road traffic
** Peckham Action Group (PAG) &lt;BR&gt;
'''[[#Previous Peckham Vision public events|Previous Peckham Vision public events]]'''&lt;/small&gt;''' 

==Events &amp; Action==
'''ACTION NOW'''&lt;br&gt;
* '''[;theatre Peckham Vision CURRENT VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES: enquiries welcomed.]'''
* '''Peckham Vision's shop: Information window displays &amp; exhibition showing every day'''&lt;br&gt;
* [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park|Peckham Multi Storey campaign merchandise for sale in the shop]]
* [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#2017|Latest news on campaign for review of Peckham Multi Storey demolition plan]]

'''NEXT EVENTS in 2020''' &lt;br&gt;
* '''Saturday 14th March 2020 midday to 5pm drop-in to PV Community Open Studio''' &lt;br&gt;

'''[[#Previous Peckham Vision public events|Previous Peckham Vision public events]]''' - click to see below

==Current topical issues==
* '''Climate Change''' [[Cimate_change|  **Latest]]
* '''Old Mill Building'''[[Old_Mill_Building| **information]]
* '''Heritage Local List''' [[Local_List| **information]]
* '''Blackpool Road site''' [[Blackpool_Road|**Latest &amp; register interest]]
* '''Aylesham/Morrison site'''[[Aylesham/Morrison_site| **Latest]]
* '''New Southwark Plan (NSP)'''[[New_Southwark_Plan_(NSP)| ** Latest news]]
* '''Southwark Planning Network''' (SPN) [[Southwark_Planning_Network| ** information]]
* '''Old Kent Road Area Action Plan (AAP)'''[[Old_Kent_Road#Introduction| ** Latest news]]
* '''The Peckham Experiment''' [[Peckham_Experiment|** history &amp; today]] 
* '''Peckham Multi Storey future''' '''[[Multi-Storey_Car_Park| **Success!]]'''&lt;br&gt;
* '''Protect Peckham's rooftop views'''[[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#15th_November_2017_National_Trust_views_campaign| ** Background]] [ ** '''Sign the petition'''] &lt;br&gt;
* '''Old Waiting Room &amp; Staircase restoration''' [[Old_Waiting_Room#Stages_in_Old_Waiting_Room_restoration| **Latest]]
*'''Peckham Rye Station [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#2020| **Latest]]
* '''Current planning applications'''[[Planning_Applications_Individual| ** Latest]]
* '''Major developments in Peckham town centre'''[[Major_developments| **Background]]

==Key pages==
'''Community engagement:''' [[Peckham_Vision:About|Peckham Vision]] 
* facilitates and encourages informed discussion about the management and future of [[Peckham Town Centre]],
* pioneers ways of connecting local people who want to contribute, including [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum|Peckham Town Centre Forum.]] &lt;BR&gt; 

'''Planning and Development:''' &lt;br&gt;
* Central Rye Lane 
** [[Transforming_Central_Rye_Lane|Transforming the central area of Rye Lane]] 
** [[Peckham_Rye_Station|Peckham Rye station]]; 
** the [[Old_Waiting_Room|Old Waiting Room]]; 
** [[Art_Deco_Quarter|Art Deco Quarter;]] 
** [ Copeland Park]; [[Copeland_Cultural_Quarter|Copeland Cultural Quarter;]] [[Bussey_Building|the Bussey building;]] 
** [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park|Multi-Storey Car Park;]] 
** [[Transforming_Central_Rye_Lane#Central_Rye_Lane:_Two_New_Green_Paths|Two new green paths from Rye Lane: Bussey Path + Coal Line Path]]&lt;br&gt;
** From the archives: [[Visions_for_Peckham#An_alternative_vision_for_Rye_Lane_Central|alternative vision.]]

* Other Planning
**[[Planning|Community Planning]]
** [[Planning|Town Centre Planning.]]
** [[PeckhamPlanningNetwork]] (PPN)
**[[Planning_Applications_Overall|Planning applications]]
** [[Major_developments|Major developments map]]
** [[Aylesham/Morrison_site|Aylesham/Morrison site]]
** [[Old_Kent_Road|Old Kent Road Area Action Plan (AAP)]]
** [ Council Cabinet recommend Planning Committee adopt immediate Article 4:] informed citizens’ in action;  &lt;br&gt; 

'''Working together:''' 
* [[Local_economy|local economy,]] 
* [[Rye Lane Traders' Association|Rye Lane Traders' Association,]] 
* [[inter faith|inter faith.]]  &lt;BR&gt;
* [[Partnerships|Partnerships]]

'''Peckham rail services:''' &lt;br&gt;
* Peckham Rye station is served by three different rail companies. Each rail company has maps of just their own services into and out of London. This means:
** the [ Tube map] shows just TfL services, and none of the other several direct connections with the Tube. 
** Network Rail's maps don’t give a clear picture about Peckham’s Tube connections. 
* So we produced a map (posted to the right here) showing Peckham's direct connections to the Tube, and to central London. It shows how they link with TfL's underground (Tube) and overground services. 
* '''Click the map for a print copy'''. [ Click here for more background].[ campaign to improve services] &lt;BR&gt; 

'''Peckham Road Traffic'''
* [[RoadTraffic|Issues &amp; news]]
** Bellenden Road traffic diversion May-June 2018

'''Peckham Action Group'''
* [[PeckhamActionGroup|Peckham Action Group history]] 

'''[[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#19th_October_2017_SUCCESS.21_and_THANK_YOU_ALL|SUCCESS! Peckham Multi Storey taken out of New Southwark Plan 19 October 2017]]'''&lt;br&gt;
* '''[[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#13th_November_2017_Successful_nomination_as_ACV|SUCCESS! Peckham Multi Storey listed as Asset of Community Value (ACV) 13 November 2017''']]&lt;br&gt;

'''[[Community_Hustings_2018|ELECTION HUSTINGS ON PLANNING &amp; REGENERATION]]''' 14 April 2018 Christ Church, OldKentRoad:
*'''[ Here is the FULL EVENT on video.]'''
* [ tweet by tweet account of the Community Planning Hustings]

==Previous Peckham Vision public events==
* '''Sats 22 &amp; 29 Feb 10am-2pm, Wed 26 &amp; Thurs 27 Feb 4-8pm:''' Aylesham Redevelopment exhibition at Aylesham Centre. Info:
* '''Saturday 22nd February 2-4pm South London Art Gallery. Impact of community action on townscape.''' Info &amp; Book:
* '''Tuesday 18th February 7-9pm Network Rail Public meeting on Peckham Rye station. All Saints Hall, Blenheim Grove''' Info &amp; Book:  '''[[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#2020|Further Info.]]'''
[[Image:A4 - VISIT PV Community Open Studio - v lo 1600.jpg|thumb|right|250px]]
* '''Sunday 19th January 2020 midday to 5pm drop-in to PV Community Open Studio''' &lt;br&gt;
* '''Sunday 19th January 2020 midday to 5pm drop-in to PV Community Open Studio''' &lt;br&gt;
[[Image:A4 - VISIT PV shop - Sat + icons v.01 - lime bgrnd.jpg|thumb|right|200px|]]
[[Image:A4 v1 colour pub meeting 6 Nov 2019.jpg|thumb|right|200px|]]
* '''Sat &amp; Sun 7th &amp; 8th December 12pm-5pm Peckham Vision studio is open for drop-in visits.'''
*'''[[Blackpool_Road| Wednesday 6th November 2019 7pm-8.30pm]]''' Public Meeting on Blackpool Road redevelopment plans, at Old Mill Building - visit the Building 6.30pm-7.00pm
* Saturday 14th, 12pm to 5pm, drop-in Peckham Vision Open Studio in the Bussey Building
* Saturday 16th, 6pm-8pm, Extinction Rebellion meeting in Copeland Yard
* Sunday 15th, 12pm to 5pm, SMFF Interfaith Walk Peckham start
* Wednesday 18th, 5pm to 8pm, drop-in Rye Lane Ward meeting Peckham Palms
* Saturday 21st, 10am to 5pm, Old Waiting Room Open City day
* Saturday 21st, 12pm to 5pm, Rye Links traders day in Copeland Yard
* Sat 7th September 12pm-5pm Peckham Rye Fete
[[Image:A5-day4-updated (1).jpg|thumb|right|200px|]]
* '''Sat 3rd August 5-6pm''' at 183 Bermondsey St, SE1. Long Live South Bank - Protecting our community spaces: '''panel discussion including Eileen Conn from Peckham Vision.''' Free exhibtion &amp; events 11am-7pm
* '''[ Fri 26th July 11am-4pm at Tate Exchange. Register here.]''' Eileen Conn from Peckham Vision leading a workshop on the nature of community, in Just Space workshop developing collaboration between community groups and universities.
[[Image:Local List leaflet SOCIAL 1.jpg|thumb|right|200px]]
[[Image:2019 open day poster-page-001.jpg|thumb|right|200px|]]
* '''Saturday 29th June 12=6pm''' [ Peckham Vision stall at Brimmington Park Festival.]
* '''Wed 3rd July 6.30-7pm drop-in to see the building '''[[Old_Mill_Building|Save the Old Mill Building (OMB) campaign]]''' 
* '''Wed 3rd July 7-9pm''' [[Local_List|Local Heritage workshop in the OMB.]]&lt;br&gt;
*''' Saturday 1st June 12-3pm:''' [ Peckham Vision stall Level 5 at Open Studios Peckham Levels]
* '''Saturday 18th May 11am-5pm:''' [|come &amp; visit Peckham Vision stall at Nunhead Cemetery Open Day.]
* '''[[Old_Mill_Building|Save the Old Mill Building campaign:]]''' 
** '''from 13th February drop-in each Wednesday 6.15-7.15pm''' see building and exhibition, and give your views.
** '''Wed 20th March 6pm exhibtion, 7-9pm Public meeting.''' Local Heritage. Speakers &amp; discussion.
[[Image:Winter open studios INSTAGRAM-02.jpg|thumb|right|200px|]]
[[Image:A6 2018 CRL walk Peckham Festival - colour lo.jpg|thumb|right|200px|]]
* '''Sat 1st December 12-6pm'''  [ Peckham Vision studio in Bussey Winter Open Studios]
* '''Sat 1st December 12-4pm'''  Peckham Vision stall in Peckham Levels Open Studios Weekend
* '''Mon 22nd October 2018 7-9pm''' [ Southwark Planning Network meeting with Council]&lt;br&gt;
* '''Sat &amp; Sun 22nd &amp; 23rd September [ Old Waiting Room open 10am-5pm in Open House weekend]'''
** [[Old_Waiting_Room#September_2018|community story of the restoration of the Old Waiting Room.]]
* '''Saturday 15th September  [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#15th_September_2018_Central_Rye_Lane_Walk|Peckham Vision in Peckham Festival]]''' 
** PV Studio exhibition on story of community action, open 12-2pm
** PV Central Rye Lane Walk 2-4pm, start in PV Bussey studio. '''[ Book here.]'''
* '''Sunday 9th September [[Inter_faith|Inter Faith walk''' starts 12pm at Old Mill Building, 72 Copeland Road]]
* '''Saturday 1st September 12-5pm:''' '''[[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#1st_September_2018_Peckham_Rye_Fete|PV stall]]''' '''AT''' '''[ Peckham Rye Fete]'''
* Sat 21st July PV displays in School for Civic Action at Tate Exchange
* 9th June 2018 PV stall at Peckham Levels Open Studios.
* Goose Green in Dulwich Festival: Sunday 13th May 11am-4pm
* Nunhead Cemetery Open Day: Saturday 19th May 11am-5pm

* '''ELECTION HUSTINGS ON PLANNING &amp; REGENERATION ''' [[Community_Hustings_2018|Saturday 14th April 2.00-5pm,]] Christ Church, 676 Old Kent Road: '''
** [ Here is the FULL EVENT on video.]'''
** [ tweet by tweet account of the Community Planning Hustings]
[[Image:A4 PV Hustings CC notice A4 final-page-001.jpg|thumb|right|200px]]
* '''PLANNING POLICIES to 2035/40''' - community arranged drop-in advice events for making comments are being held on 8th, 15th, 17th, 25th, 29th, 30th January, and 5th February. '''[[New_Southwark_Plan_%28NSP%29|More information here.]]'''
* '''Tuesday 23rd January 7-9pm '''Public Meeting on Conservation Areas &amp; Heritage
* '''[ Sat 28th October 2017 Planning training workshop]'''
* '''15th-17th September: Peckham Vision events''' [[Image:A4 2017 Peckham Festival Open Studio leaflet v2 w-email orange.jpg|thumb|right|200px]]
** [ '''OPEN STUDIO Bussey, Stair C 2nd Floor, 133 Rye Lane: FRI 15th 6-9pm, SAT+SUN 16th+17th 11am-6pm''']
* '''[[Media:A4 October 2017 Open Studios RLTA poster v.03 orange.jpg|Wed 11th and Wed 18th October 2017, 12 midday-9pm Peckham Vision Open Studio]]'
** [ Open Shop in Holdrons Arcade, 135A Rye Lane 15th-17th September]
** [ Walking tour Central Rye Lane 2.30-4.30pm start in studio]
** [ Workshop in studio 2nd September 3-4.15pm]
* '''[[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#3rd_September_2016_Peckham_Rye_Fete|Saturday 2nd September 12-5pm Peckham Vision stall at Peckham Rye Fete]]'''
* '''[[Media:Final_Peckham_Heritage_Talk_3_Wed_14_June_pdf.pdf|Wed 14th June 2017 6.15-8.30pm Talk on the Old Waiting Room restoration.]]'''
* '''Tues 30th May 6.30pm for 7-9pm: [[Planning#30th_May_2017_Localism_workshop|Localism workshop]]'''
* '''Apply by 19th May: Exciting new job opportunity - [[Media:Planning_caseworker_ad.pdf|Neighbourhood Planning Caseworker:ADVERT]]''' [[Media:Planning_project_jd_and_person_spec.pdf|Based at Southwark Law Centre in Peckham]]'''
* '''Sat 20th May 11am-5pm Nunhead Cemetery Open Day'''
* '''Sun 11th May 11am-4pm Goose Green fair'''
* '''6th May - THANK YOU to 5,200+ people''' who '''[ wrote to the Council on the future of the Peckham Multi Storey.] '''More news soon.
* '''Up to 5pm 28th April''' Council consultation on New Southwark Plan (NSP). '''[[Planning#2017|DETAILS HERE.]]'''
* '''Comment on NSP proposal to demolish cinema &amp; multi storey car park.''' '''[ LETTER HERE.] [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#March_2017_Planning_status|Further info here.]]'''
* '''Saturday 1st April 11am-2pm''' tour of NSP sites &amp; studio discussion. '''[[Planning#2017|Info here.]]''' [ **Book here]
* Tues 21st March Shop open from 2pm, + '''[ special drop-in session for Peckham Levels]'''
* Sat 31st January Community Council meeting + exhibition on Public Health &amp; Wellbeing: Peckham Vision display '''[[Peckham_Experiment#28th_January_2017_Peckham_Vision_display_at_Community_Council|about the Peckham Experiment]]'''
* '''[ Thurs 26th January 5-9pm]''' Peckham Vision shop open; 7.30-9pm Burns Night Poetry evening
* '''[[Media:AyleshamCLeaflettoPrintv1.pdf|Saturday 21st January 2-5pm St James's hall, Elm Grove]]''' - community workshop on Aylesham Centre redevelopment
* '''[[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#January-March_2017|Thursday 12th January 2017 4-8pm drop-in]]''' Barry's Café beside station for Council's news on station square redevelopment.
* Support the small Peckham Vision team: please complete [ our SURVEY by 20 November 2016.] Further info [ click here.]
* Sat 12th Nov Peckham Meetup: [ drop-in to PV Holdron's Arcade shop between 2-5pm]
* [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#Co-design_process_2013-2016|Click to see the Council survey of 'co-design' with Station Sq &amp;  Library Sq developments]] Survey closed. Report awaited.
* Fri, Sat, Sun Peckham Vision's exhibition, and walk &amp; workshop [ in Peckham Festival]
* Sat 10th Sep 2.30-4.30pm PV tour &amp; talk of central Rye Lane in [ Peckham Festival walk]
* Sun 11th Sep 4.30-5.45pm PV workshop on Peckham's future in [ Peckham Festival workshop] &lt;br&gt;
* Sat 3rd September 12-5pm Peckham Vision stall at [[Media:Fete_16_final_rgb.jpg|Peckham Rye Fete]]
* [[#Previous_2016_Peckham_Vision_public_events|Previous 2016 Peckham Vision public events]]
*'''Tues 19th July drop-in 3-8pm.[[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#19th_July_2016_Peckham_Town_Centre_Cleanup.21|Launch of Peckham Town Centre Cleanup!]]'''
* [ Sat 2nd July 12pm-6pm at Brimmington Park Festival]
*[;theater Wed 29th June 7pm Deputation to Community Council on cumulative impact of planning applications]
* '''[;theater Sunday 5th June 1pm-6pm at Choumert Sq Open Gardens Day''']
*[ Saturday 21st May 11am-5pm  at Friends of Nunhead Cemetery Open day]&lt;br&gt;
* [ Sunday 8th May 11am-4pm  at Goose Green Dulwich festival] [ and more]
* [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#27th_January_Town_Centre_Community_meeting|27th January 2016 'Peckham's future' community meeting: report &amp; pictures]]&lt;/small&gt; 

[[Image:A4  October 2017 Open Studios poster v.05 orange.jpg|200px|left|thumb displays]]
[[Image:Shop notice - 28th Oct 2017 - half closed notice.jpg|200px|left|thumb displays]]
[[Image:23_Jan_Conservation_%26_Heritage_Event_PHRP.jpg|300px|left|thumb displays]]
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