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    <allfileusages afcontinue="Boat_mag_-_Eileen_Conn_interview.pdf" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Balusters small1 redcd.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Bellenden Rd-page-001.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Bellenden Road traffic diversion.pdf" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Benedict O&#039;Looney - CCQ.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Billiard hall.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Blackpool-Rd-A4-poster-v5.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Blackpool Rd A4 poster v6A street names - coloured.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Blackpool Road site allocation - original.pdf" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Blenheim Grove comparison - flat.jpg" />
      <f ns="6" title="File:Board 4 PR station adapted v.07.jpg" />