A lot has been going on…

A lot has happened since the last blog. Here are some of the latest developments. More to follow.


If you are interested in the cross river tram – have you had your consultation brochure yet? If not get a copy from TfL at Freephone 08002 346 004 email crt@tfl.gov.uk www.tfl.gov.uk/crt The deadline for comments is 3O January.


The main consultation about the depot will happen later. But this brochure shows two options for the terminus – 1. going down Clayton Rd, Consort Rd and through the proposed tram depot site; 2. going down Cerise Road ending at the Multi storey car park. Both equidistant from Peckham Rye train station, but the Cerise Rd one is shorter and has less effect on houses and traffic, and could happen without a depot in Peckham.


Peckham Vision is suggesting people mention their concerns about the depot plans in the space for comments in the tram route consultation reply form, and support the call for a comprehensive review of all possible sites BEFORE the tram depot consultation. TfL are looking at a number of other sites, but this needs to be transparent and accurate unlike their previous site selection processes. The review needs to asses the technical issues, the costs, and the accurate positive & negative impact on each & every possible location, and the results made known before or at the beginning of the tram depot consultation.


Meeting with TfL on Thursday 1 February 7pm – 9pm at Willowbrook Centre, 48 Willowbrook Road, SE15 (Peckham Hill St opposite Bird in Bush Road). Organised by the Friends of Burgess Park. Get your queries answered by TfL, and discuss with others the issues of various options.


Proposed by Peckham Vision, this has now been set up, and is open to anyone interested in making a contribution. There will be a series of meetings over the next few months at the town hall to discuss the details across a number of topics covering the route options, the depot, and the benefits and disbenefits of the tram and the depot on Peckham. If you want to be involved in this, you need to be on the Council mailing list – email: liza.morshead@southwark.gov.uk phone: 020 7525 1018.

A tram route through Peckham? Have your say

Public consultation on the proposed tram route connecting Peckham to Camden through Kings Cross began on 13th November and will run until 31st January 2007.

For details of the consultations visit http://www.tfl.gov.uk/trams/initiatives/crt/default.asp

For an early comment on the route proposals from Waterloo to Peckham, and on the depot plans, read Alfred’s Peckham blog Saturday 18th November on http://alfredbanya.blogspot.com/

The consultations on the depot will happen later. But it is important, in these route consultations, to register concerns and questions about the plans for the depot in Peckham. Urge the need for the comprehensive and comparative review of depot locations to start now. See blog for 31st October for more on this.

TfL pulls out of tram discussion at Peckham Community Council

From ‘Alfred’s Peckham’ on http://alfredbanya.blogspot.com/

I turned up to the Peckham Community Council meeting last night ready to press Transport for London (TfL) on the urgent need for a comprehensive review of depot site options along the proposed tram route. Along with many others who turned up to hear TfL talk aboout their planned tram route consultation, I was extremely disappointed to learn that TfL decided not to turn up. Councillor Tayo Situ, Chair of the Peckham Community Council demanded that officers write to TfL and ask for an apology.

Last Monday a TfL representative was met with a large turnout of residents who asked very searching questions about the tram at the Nunhead and Peckham Rye Community Council. Perhaps the experience frightened them off? The good news however was that I was given ample opportunity on behalf of Peckham Vision to present the three key proposals that we had previously presented to the Nunhead and Peckham Rye Cmmunity Council that:
a) site 63P be considered a strategic site of major importance for the devlopment of Peckham town centre
b) the community council agrees to explore the establishment of a joint working group with Nunhead and Peckham Rye Community Council on the tram project and associated developments and report back to the next meeting
c) the community council ask the council executive to use its position on the Cross River Partnership to press for a comprehensive review of tram depot options, including traffic impact assessment on Peckham.
These were all agreed.