An alternative vision for Rye Lane Central

Peckham Vision has submitted initial comments for the PAAP (Peckham Area Action Plan): “It often appears that the town centre is conceived only as a long narrow linear shopping street, with relatively isolated opportunity/development sites. But there is the potential for viewing this area around Rye Lane Central in a very different way – as an integrated matrix with old and new buildings interlinked with open pedestrian spaces.” Read more and…

The Bussey building – ‘one of Peckham’s best kept secrets’

Southwark News tells the story of the Bussey building: “Tucked behind Rye Lane is one of Peckham’s best kept secrets, a building that was once part of the area’s thriving industrial past, and is now part of the most controversial issues regarding the new tram that could run through it…The Bussey building became one of the premier cricket bat makers in the country … Legendary cricketer WG Grace’s favoured willow was from the factory, and he would often be seen wandering along Chadwick Road … The modern building … is still a functioning operation .. It houses a cosmopolitan bunch of businesses that thrive in the solid structure …The roof has an amazing view of not just Peckham but most of London, and Peckham Vision feel this may be an ideal spot for a rooftop restaurant. Read More …

Southwark News 10th April 2008

The Hannah Barry Gallery

The Hannah Barry Gallery at the Bussey Building.

On the evening of Thursday 21st February the first floor of the Bussey Building was packed with people celebrating the opening of MANY WORLDS by Bobby Dowler, the second exhibition of the year from the Hannah Barry Gallery (see photos).

The exhibition is on the first floor at The Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham SE15. This Victorian cricket bat factory is just across the road from Peckham Rye station.

The exhibition will run until Friday 29th February, open 3 – 8 pm daily and 12 – 5 pm at the weekend, accompanied by a sequence of timed events: click for details.

Bussey Building artist – Alice White – celebrated by Dulwich-On-View

Alice ( practices as a painter from a studio in Peckham, located on the top floor of the historic Bussey Building, part of the site threatened by the proposed tram depot on the large industrial estate behind Rye Lane. Her studio is one of many on the site, now home to a thriving creative community, with great potential. Dulwich-On-View “recognises and celebrates the eclectic nature of the life of Dulwich and the surrounding area, the breadth of people and livelihoods, the rude health of the Arts, and the buoyant sense of community, and subverts the tired old caricatures lazily ascribed to our South London home.”

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Visions for Peckham: Vibrant Artists’ Community

Successful Music Event in the Threatened Bussey Building.

Peckham Society News Winter 2007/2008 reports on the successful CLF music event in the threatened Bussey Building last summer.

“A three day music event was held on the Copeland Industrial Park off Rye Lane. This is the area Southwark Council wants to demolish so a tram depot can be built there. The music event’s security guard wrote a remarkable email, published below, after the event. [He praised the audience – all ages, races and backgrounds – and their good organisation, communication and co-operation, with no security issues for the whole weekend.] This shows the potential which this site has for the future of Peckham if campaigners succeed in getting Transport for London to find alternative sites for tram depots and if Southwark Council understands the important role this site has for the future of Peckham town centre.. “

More ….

Sun shines on Open House walks

What a wonderful weekend in Peckham Central. The sun shone and over 140 people flocked to take the Open House weekend walks led by The Peckham Society on Saturday and Sunday (see photos). Everyone enjoyed the magnificent views of Peckham and central London from the roof of the Bussey building. They enjoyed the refreshments in the CLF Arts Café and the Peckham Vision exhibition of the latest information about the tram & tram depot plans, and the ideas for that central area of Peckham town centre if the tram depot is not located there.

The tours looked at the huge size and good solid condition of the historic Bussey building and how it is already providing spaces for new creative arts and music businesses; the scope for creative development of the whole business site which would otherwise be demolished for the proposed tram depot; the historic gems of Holdron’s Victorian arcades which, currently hidden by shop fittings, could be restored for commercial town centre use; the way all that would complement the opening up of the piazza in front of the station, now agreed as the aim by Southwark Council, the train companies and Southwark’s London Assembly representative; and how Bar Story and the Sassoon Art Gallery in Blenheim Grove behind the station show further signs of the burgeoning creative re-uses of historic architecture in Peckham Central.

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CLF Weekender

Open House Weekend

A visitor’s experience of the CLF Weekender

The Bussey building, the largest building on the proposed tram depot site, was host to one of the most enjoyable events seen in Peckham in many years. Over the weekend of the I Love Peckham festival, the Chronic Love Foundation (CLF) transformed two of the wonderfully large rooms of this late Victorian/Edwardian building into a live music venue, an art gallery and a cinema.

The roof was open to the public, and during the day, people lounged around eating, drinking, looking at fascinating views of the city, and catching the only sun of the summer so far. The mood was reminiscent of the best summer festivals as acoustic acts, poets and rappers performed under a small marquee while the sun set.

As the sky darkened a small cinema was starting in the gallery space on the third floor. Fascinating short films from amateurs and professionals played on a large screen. Around the room some of the artists with studios in the building had displayed examples of their work. On one side three huge photographs highlighting the geometric monotony of unimaginative modern architecture were flanked by superb portraits and other images. As the night descended spotlights were turned on, throwing long shadows across the industrial gallery space, as people wandered in to look at the displays and watch the films.

Peckham Vision had used a large, room sized alcove on this floor to display their visions for an integrated Peckham town centre, a town centre that was both well connected to the centre of London, and featured creative spaces in the very heart of run down Peckham. Computer generated images illustrated the potential realised by opening up the front of the station to make a light vibrant piazza, instead of the dirty and dimly lit enclosed pavements there at the moment. Whilst a plethora of maps showed how Peckham could be opened up by the tram, without destroying its heart by demolishing the building, and many others, we were currently in, just to replace them with a desolate array of railway tracks to house the trams overnight. Lastly there were artistic interpretations of how the Bussey building, and a very large adjacent area, could look, and examples of how it could be used by Peckham creative industries, and for the benefit of the whole community.

Downstairs the first of the night’s bands had started. Although dominated by bass and drums the style was hard to classify. The female singer’s luminous voice danced over the energetic beat, and was occasionally joined by a rapper, on the other side of the performance area. A kaleidoscope of psychedelic visuals projected on to two screens behind the performers announced the arrival of the Chronic Love Foundation to Peckham. The dancing crowd were laid back and friendly. A mixture of locals, artists, and people from around London drawn to the hub of Peckham by an article in that week’s Time Out.

We eventually left in the early hours and after saying good night to the genial security guards, began the short walk home.

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3 day music & cultural event in famous Bussey Building at 133 Rye Lane

If you are in Peckham during next weekend Friday 10 August to Sunday 12 August, you are invited to visit 133 Rye Lane, entrance opposite Peckham Rye station and Blenheim Grove.

For most of three days, the magnificent 6 storey factory, built for George Bussey the famous Victorian entrepreneur, will host the pre-launch of the Commercial Humanitarian Chronic Love Foundation (CLF) and its CLF Art Cafe, with an extravaganza of global eclectic music and other cultural events. Further details are below.

This is an event for you if you want to do any or all of the following:

  • come and listen to eclectic 21st century music,
  • see and buy the work of local artists,
  • find out about exciting new visions for Peckham town centre and latest info on the tram plans,
  • refresh body and soul on different levels of the building, but especially on the top with magnificent views of the whole of London,
  • and more.

This will all take place in just a part of the land the Council and TfL want to turn into a tram depot. Come and experience the potential this site has for Peckham. Just drop in for a visit, or stay longer and chill out with your friends and others.

See also: Details and programme for more information.

an eclectic music & arts extravaganza@ The CLF ART CAFE
G/F, 1/F, 3/F, 5/F – CIP House
133 Rye Lane, London SE15 3STEVENT DATES AND TIMESFri Aug 10th – 5pm – 2am
Sat Aug 11th – 12 midday – 2am
Sun Aug 12th – 12 midday – 12 midnightTHE CLF ART CAFE is a brand new venue set over several 3000 Sq ft warehouse spaces inside the 100+ year old Bussey Warehouse named CIP House, 133 Rye Lane (Opposite Peckham Rye Station & Blenheim Grove).This pre launch CLF WEEKENDER event is set to have over 100 CUTTING EDGE LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS, BANDS AND DJS performing over the THREE DAY EVENT on all 4 LEVELS alongside INTERACTIVE ART EXHIBITS, 3 DAY LOCAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, GLOBALISTIC FOODS, DRINK SPECIALS + so much more.The CLF EVENT will be Hosted by Pioneering DJ / Producer / Promoter JAZZHEADCHRONIC MICKEY SMITH [JAZZHEADCHRONIC] and CLF Co-Founder, the Internationally renowned Drummer, Arranger, Producer MARQUE GILMORE of DRUM.

For more Information on The 100% FREE ADMISSION CLF WEEKENDER, THE CLF and/or its current projects, please contact CLF Executive Creative Director, Mickey Smith on 07941 429 374. Or Email him at <>

working for the future of the planet


The CLF WEEKENDER will take place opposite Peckham Rye Station and
Blenheim Grove, at CIP House, located at the end of 133 Rye Lane

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