Election Candidates invited to Peckham

The Peckham Society, with Peckham Vision, has written to candidates for Mayor and Southwark/Lambeth Assembly candidates to ask:
“If you are elected, will you come to Peckham so that we:

  • can introduce you to Peckham’s historic town centre,
  • discuss how to ensure the protection of the historic buildings is well integrated into the plans for the tram project,
  • discuss how to utilise the protection of these historic assets to lever in external heritage funding for their rehabilitation and the regeneration of the town centre? … “

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3 Replies to “Election Candidates invited to Peckham”

  1. I believe Boris will give you all what you want: no tram. I reckon he’ll axe it from the plans and support extending the Bakerloo Line South. Hopefully it will by-pass Peckham. You all have single handedly held up the Tram so fine, you don’t want it, you won’t get it, nor anything else!

    Well Done!!!

  2. Hi All,

    I am a Chair of a Residents’ Association in Peckham North and we are campaigning for a new interim ‘Tram Shuttle Bus’ service to run along the proposed CRT route until it is (hopefully) constructed.

    The Shuttle Bus would educate people on the proposed route, the design of the CRT and the location of stops. It could also give updates on the progress being made on building the scheme and give a much needed boost to capacity along parts of the route (the 343/63/363 bus routes are all heavily used at present)

    The depot does seem to have taken up all the headlines but thats probably got more to do with the media than anything else. As far as I am aware, Peckham Vision have clearly stated that they are pro CRT!

    If you would like to add your support to the idea of a tram shuttle bus service, and the CRT in general, then please sign our petition at http://www.evolutionquarter.org

    Please also email the link to anyone else who may want to support the CRT!


  3. This has been posted on the SE1 website and I just hope it is not true as it would be a davasting blow to Peckhams future prospects.

    Come on Peckham Vision….please dot not remain so silent on this issue or people will draw the wrong conclusions!

    “Royalelephant Thursday 29 May 2008 8.40am

    Sorry to say but all indications (and some good sources) say the Tram is dead. I wouldn’t just blame Boris. He’s only cleaning up the wasted rubbish left behind.

    The Tram was supposed to be open by now. Yes open. The biggest culprits in delaying it forever (and thus killing it) were Peckham. Blame Peckham Vision for causing such a fuss.

    The biggest losers, ironically, are Peckham. Particularly the North Peckham Estate redevelopment. As best as I can tell, all those new builds promised buyers a Tram by 2007 (or 2009 later). And despite all that money paid by developers (and permissions granted based on the promise of better transport), it’s not going to happen.”

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