New ‘Split-Site’ Depot Plan Released

The new plan for a ‘split-site’ depot in Peckham for the proposed Cross River Tram has been released by TfL to Peckham Business Park in response to their request under the Freedom of Information Act. Click here to see the new plan. Split-site’ means part of the depot would be in Peckham and part somewhere else, leading people to think that this would be much smaller than the ‘single-site’ depot where the whole depot would be on one site.

But as suspected, the new plan still takes a devastatingly large chunk of the heart of Peckham town centre and almost as much as the original ‘single-site’ depot plan. Click here to see the comparison. The new plans would see 34 trams instead of 48 stabled in the Peckham depot, and maybe all the trams repaired there. The depot would be spread over a wider area affecting mnay more homes. This new plan would still also result in the loss of hundreds of jobs, businesses and community facilities, cause blight for years, and could result in major traffic dispersal throughout Peckham because of competition with the tram for road space at Consort Road railway bridge.

The safeguarding of the whole of ‘site 63P’ in the UDP (Unitary Development Plan) is a major problem as it is such a large part of the heart of Peckham town centre. The UDP is now in its final consultation stage from 1 September to 13 October. This is the last chance to object to the plans as they are expressed in the UDP.

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