Peckham Pram Factories

From South East London blogzine: ‘A friend has lent me a copy of the 1952 Official Guide to ‘The Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell’ from the days before Southwark Council when Camberwell had its own Council covering Peckham, Nunhead and of course Camberwell itself. .. The Guide says: “… the area seems to have been a centre of pram making. .. some of the finest perambulators in the world. Two well-known firms that specialise in these products pay particular attention to taste in colour and decoration, and the finished articles speak highly for the craftsmanship and regard given, not only to strength and durability, but also to individual character and beauty of line, the sine qua non of British Industry. …The firms in question were Royale Prams at the Besfoldas Works, 70a Nunhead Grove, SE15; and Deanes Limited at Denette Works, 163 Peckham Rye…”

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  1. …and, in a way we have the ‘tradition continued’ now with Tommy’s on Rye Lane by Netto trading varied contemporary baby-buggies to Peckham mums and more. The shop is run by local resident Sunil Chopra recently and deservedly elevated as a Southwark councillor. Let’s face it…Babies are well served in Peckham once more!

  2. I was born in 70 Nunhead Grove in December 1937 and lived there until about 4 years old when a time bomb decided to drop in on us and the family had to get out quick. We then took over an empty house opposite called Thorn Terrace and was blasted out of there shortly afterwards. We then occupied a house at Number 8 Nunhead Grove. A Doodlebug landed halfway up the road and we were again blasted out. My father a city of London policeman then sent us to wales to stay with relatives until the war was over. After retuning to Number 8 we stayed for many years. One of my elder brothers worked for Besfolders as a van boy delivering Royale prams all over the country. This was in the early 50’s He now lives in Gibbon Road Peckham. Those were the days.

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