Successful Music Event in the Threatened Bussey Building.

Peckham Society News Winter 2007/2008 reports on the successful CLF music event in the threatened Bussey Building last summer.

“A three day music event was held on the Copeland Industrial Park off Rye Lane. This is the area Southwark Council wants to demolish so a tram depot can be built there. The music event’s security guard wrote a remarkable email, published below, after the event. [He praised the audience – all ages, races and backgrounds – and their good organisation, communication and co-operation, with no security issues for the whole weekend.] This shows the potential which this site has for the future of Peckham if campaigners succeed in getting Transport for London to find alternative sites for tram depots and if Southwark Council understands the important role this site has for the future of Peckham town centre.. “

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