Tram Depot Plans Not Being Revealed

Until now the only information which TfL has released publicly about the depot plans has been in response to Freedom of Information requests during the UDP public inquiry last year. Through this we discovered the huge extent of the plans to demolish everything between the railway lines and down Rye Lane to Bournemouth Road and along to Consort Road near the railway bridge. See here and here to see that plan. This is only part of the much larger site called 63P (south to Brayards Road) on the UDP development map, any of which may potentially be threatened by the depot plan.

The Planning Inspector rejected the original plan because of the devastating effects on Peckham town centre. Instead he recommended a split-site depot, ie some in Peckham and some elsewhere, implying it would be much smaller and with much less adverse effects. But comments from the Council and from TfL have indicated that they are still planning the ‘major’ tram depot in Peckham, which could take as much land as before in a different arrangement and could be just as devastating.

They are still refusing to release any information to the public about this. They had a ‘consultation’ stall promoting the tram at the I Love Peckham festival on 12 August in Peckham town square. This did not even reveal that the plan is to locate the depot in Peckham, never mind any details about it! See here

Peckham Business Park, which owns and manages a major part of the land affected by this depot plan in the heart of Peckham, has just made a Freedom of Information request for information about the split-site depot plans.

They say

“… our attempts to rationalise activities on the estate and invest in Peckham Town Centre are currently being blighted by the broad brush allocation of a very large area of land for a tram depot… These proposals not only affect our own livelihoods and those of numerous local businesses and local artists, and hundreds of employees, but also the amenities of many neighbouring residents… We remain troubled… that the published UDP reports contain no meaningful information as to the scale, scope and extent of the proposed split site tram depot or its potential impact. It is our view that no meaningful decisions can be taken on the depot without this information being made publicly available…”

Read the full letter here

We await the outcome with interest.

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