Cross-River Tram not to run to Camden

On 23rd September, London Mayor Ken Livingstone announced that the Cross-river Tram will not continue north to Camden, but cease at Waterloo. This has been due to fierce opposition from North London councils. London SE1, a community site, discusses this in further detail in their article and also their forum.

Simon Hughes MP has said

“Can we at least have the money to allow us to have what is not a cross-river tram if it stops south of the river, having started south of the river? We want the tram to go from Brixton and Peckham to Waterloo, and at least over to Aldwych.”

Ken Livingstone, London Mayor said:

“We will proceed to build the Cross River Tram south of the river. Once that is complete and has demonstrated that it works we will move on to the second phase. The phase that runs north of the river most probably [will be built] around 2020 at the earliest.”

Tory London Assembly member for Barnet and Camden Brian Coleman said:

“Let’s hope that this is the nail in the coffin to this whole sorry project. I certainly won’t be losing any sleep over it now. There is no demand north of the river. We don’t want the blasted thing anywhere. It would split Somers Town in half and they would have us digging up Bloomsbury – one of the few unspoilt areas of south Camden – at a cost of £600 million.”

Read the full article here.

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