ITV London News item on gentrification

12-16 Blenheim Grove – “Residents in Peckham say the capital’s growing need for housing could soon destroy their local area. Currently there are plans for a multi-million pound redevelopment project around Peckham Rye Station, which will include blocks of flats. But locals are worried the regeneration could have a huge impact on the creative communities who live there.”

18th Feb – Latest News: Harriet Harman MP backs local community and Southwark Council in call for extension of time for real engagement with local people to design station area development that benefits Peckham.

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  1. Why do we have to have any redevelopment at all. A restoration of the art deco buildings is all that’s needed, and network rail would be able to keep their leases. I think an open square would be underused and create a blank space in the heart of Peckham.

    1. There is a lot of support for creating space in front of the station because of the pedestrian crush. There is a case for keeping the arcade but modifying it significantly to create the space but sadly that case has never been explored becuse of the failure of the consultation and ‘codesign’ process. There is very little time now but it IS worth making that case in any public meetinsg or other processes where the public is asked for their views. Make sure you get on to the mailing list for that. There is definitely still time to support the case for restoring the art deco buidlings on the corners of Rye Lane and Holly Grove and Blenheim Grove. This will be hard work to get heard but you must make your views known. Also have a look at Network Rail are very poor property managers for commercial builings like this and it couldl be to Peckham’s advantge for the Council to own the leases if we get the right design for the buildings the council can be held to account for any poor management. If you can, get to the new consultation meeting on Tues 17th March 6.30pm All Saints Hall, Blenheim Grove

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