London Open House Weekend 15 & 16 September

Important historic buildings in central Peckham will be open to the public during London Open House Weekend on three walks led by the Peckham Society:

  • Saturday 15 September 2pm
  • Sunday 16 September noon
  • Sunday 16 September 4pm

Come and take this rare opportunity to see some usually hidden parts of central Peckham, and how they can provide the basis for a new vision for the heart of the town centre, re-using historic buildings with new architecture, and with the right flexibility for modern uses.

Meet at CLF Arts Cafe, 1st floor CIP House, Bussey Building, through passage way 133 Rye Lane (opposite Blenheim Grove /Peckham Rye station)

The CLF Arts cafe will be open to drop in from 1.30pm on Saturday and noon on Sunday, with musical events on Saturday evening. The Peckham Vision exhibition will be on display showing latest ideas about the tram routes and depot plans, and strategic visions for an integrated town centre.

The weekend walks will take in:

  • the Bussey building, the former Victorian cricket bat factory, the magnificent roof view of central London and Peckham, and the new creative uses the building is attracting;
  • the old Mill Building off Copeland Road, to be renovated for a new cultural & arts performance centre.
  • Holdron’s old department store and the still existing but hidden arcade, a remnant of Rye Lane’s era as the ‘Golden Mile’;
  • Peckham Rye station (the grandest example of High Victorian architecture in Peckham which is very visible from the Bussey building roof) and a look inside the closed huge old waiting room, now in its first stage of renovation;

Further information:

Visions for Peckham


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