Peckham’s good news story

Here is an email received from Mark Armstrong, from Lexus Security Management, who provided the security team for the CLF Weekender in the Bussey building:

“Another Teenager Killed in Peckham” – This is all too common a headline these days in the national and London news media. The tones and connotations, when I was told that I was to head up a security team at a 3 day music festival in deep Peckham [at the CLF Weekender], were not one of joy and celebration. After all the bad press and media attention of South London’s sinister gang warfare, I was expecting the absolute worst. I was ready for at least one incident to ruin the weekend starting on Friday the 10th August 2007.

Moving forward to midnight on the Sunday the 12th, and my views of the area and the people had been proved wrong. I thought that luck may have played a part in the result of not one incident being reported. Not one hint of trouble. No aggression what so ever. The people that came to the festival over the three days arrived to enjoy themselves as well as the high quality of music on offer. This was a result of good organisation, communication and co-operation within the community. People of all ages, races, and backgrounds came together, in what was not a money making exercise or a PR stunt, but a genuine attempt to raise the profile of the Peckham community by putting on what a lot of people who do not know the area and people, would regard as an insane idea.

Being at the entrance of the venue, I was lucky enough to monitor everyone that came through the doors. A few people said hello, some just smiled. After all the presence of Door Supervisors usually indicate trouble or need to be on a heightened alert. On the way out nearly 98% of the people said good bye and that they had really enjoyed themselves. The most frequent question asked was: When are you guys doing another weekend?

Some People say that class is living in a crime free area with nice houses, cars and high security.
Class is character in the community, coming together to enjoy themselves at a public event, without having to worry about safety. Class is what the people of Peckham have.

It would be nice to read about this type of good news in the media, to show that the majority of areas can work together for the good of the community.”

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