Redesigning the town centre 23rd October 2010

walkabout at southern gateway

A group of local residents, council people and others in the Peckham Town Centre Forum had a highly successful 2 hour walkabout of the town centre looking at urban design of the street scene, and also the large development sites and their potential. Discussion focused on:

* changes to the street scene design to improve the pedestrian experience – including widening pavements & removing street clutter;

* enhancing some historic buildings in prominent locations by cleaning and painting above ground floor level for some quick wins; funding to be secured through heritage sources once Conservation Area status granted;

* impact and potential for the major developments both sides of the High Street, and in central Rye Lane opposite the station.

This was followed by another enthusiastic energetic Forum in the afternoon. Open Space discussions focussed on:

  • Feedback from the walk – street scene, major developments and the PNAAP
  • Restoration of historic buildings and next steps following on from the walk feedback
  • Central Rye Lane – especially the multi storey car park and Copeland Industrial site
  • Food growing and mapping of sustainable initiatives
  • Peckham Festival in autumn 2011.

As a result, following the walkabout and discussions, the Council has organised two preview events of the Preferred Options of the PNAAP to give the public a chance to give some early feedback. These are excellent chances to make a contribution and become better informed about the revitalisation of Peckham town centre.
– Saturday 27 November 2010, 12.30pm to 3.30pm
– Tuesday 30 November 2010, 6pm to 9pm
both at the Bussey building, 133 Rye Lane, SE15

The Council says: “These will be informal sessions. People may come for part of the time if they wish. There will be displays and information on the key emerging preferred options for the Peckham and Nunhead area action plan (PNAAP). As well as an early opportunity to find out what direction the preferred options are heading in, this is a chance to give initial thoughts and reactions as an input into finalising the preferred options that will be consulted on next year.”

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