The Peckham Society News, Summer 2006, No. 104


The Southwark Council website has disclosed that the Inspector at the inquiry to Southwark�s Unitary Development Plan (UDP) has criticised Southwark Council for promoting the Bournemouth Road site for the tram depot by describing it as derelict and ripe for development.

On Saturday 18 March 2006 Peckham Vision arranged a follow-up meeting following the very successful Peckham Society meeting on 21 January. Peckham Vision is a small group comprising representatives of local residents, the Peckham Society, artists and businesses. This group wishes to raise awareness on issues concerning central Peckham.� The symposium had a similar format and venue compared to the 21 January meeting. There were exhibitions showing enlarged maps and pictures of the historic centre of Peckham. There was the opportunity to view the layout of the Bournemouth Road site from the roof of the Bussey building and also see the heritage features of Peckham Rye Station and the proposed central conservation area.
The intention of this Peckham Vision meeting was to focus on the proposed depot and maintenance sites for the Cross River Tramway from Camden. The proposed Peckham Society route for the tram which avoids the historic buildings was also demonstrated.� The Inspector�s report disclosure on the website, which neither Transport for London (TfL) nor the leader of Southwark Council knew about, was the main talking point. For many reasons the inspector turned down Southwark�s promotion of the site for a tram depot. Southwark Council have the last word and could recommend this site for the depot.

Eileen Conn introduced the meeting on the themes of:

  • Would the depot be good or bad for Peckham?
  • Where else should the depot be?
  • What are the alternative routes in Peckham?

Reference to a map indicated the size of the five acre site and the TfL route to gain access to the site. Chris Reese mentioned the other depot proposals on the tram route and that it was only in the most recent depot proposals that Peckham had been mentioned. Previously Peckham had been discounted by TfL. Peter Frost followed Chris and mentioned the splitting of both tram routes, to the north, Camden and King�s Cross and the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal FC) and to the south Peckham and Brixton. There would be a common route between Mornington Crescent and the Elephant & Castle. Adam Khan suggested alternative uses for the site and Benny O�Looney showed the Peckham Society alternative central route.

We had a long question and answer session and many people gave their views on the tram and depot proposals. The meeting of about eighty people was given as much information as we had at our disposal. Hopefully next time TfL, Cross River Partnership and Southwark Council will attend so that we can have a more meaningful dialogue.

Peter Frost

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