Planning Committee supports call for ‘comprehensive and fair’ review of tram depot locations

A Peckham Vision deputation to the Planning Committee Tuesday 5 December asked them to support the call for a comprehensive review of the tram depot locations. As a result the Committee have agreed to ask the Executive to make every effort to urge TfL to do a ‘comprehensive and fair’ assessment of all the possible depot locations.

Eileen Conn for Peckham Vision said “We are delighted as this acknowledges that the original assessment was not comprehensive and fair. Now we hope that the Executive will also agree to press TfL to do this comprehensive review, so that the decisions about the right places to locate the tram depots can be taken on accurate information instead of the ‘misinformation’ that the Peckham site was ‘derelict’.”

Peckham Vision have requested a deputation to the Executive at their meeting on 12 December to ask them to support the PLanning Committee’s call.

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