London Assembly Transport Committee

The London Assembly Transport Committee held a seminar on 9th September about the cross river tram (CRT) and how it could be progressed. Peckham Vision submitted comments which highlighted three points:

  1. TfL’s plan to locate the CRT depot in Peckham town centre will destroy self-generating renewal. There needs to be a full public review now of all the potential CRT depot sites to examine the full regeneration impacts.
  2. Mid-Southwark needs improved transport. There should be an early new dedicated Express Bus or Shuttle service which follows the CRT route. This would help the planning for the CRT and other improved transport for Peckham and surrounding area.
  3. The CRT must continue to be a cross river tram and get across the river in its first phase to Euston and Kings X.

At the seminar Tfl revealed that the cost of the tram had increased to £1.3bn, and that there had been no money in the budget anyway for the previous cost of £800m, and that even if there were the money the date for the operation of the new tram would now be 2018. The committee resolved to push for the examination of all sources of funding to ensure that the tram project is not shelved, and will discuss this at the next meeting on 16th October.

In the meantime, as there are 10 years before there could be a tram even if TfL had the money to build it, why don’t they install a new express shuttle bus NOW on the tram route to improve our transport across the river to central London, and use it as an excellent test and demonstration of the case for the tram?

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