UDP Latest News – 5 November 2006

The 6 week consultation period on the UDP modifications ended on 13th October. Council officers are now writing a report on all the comments and objections to the whole of the UDP which covers all of Southwark borough. We are told that the report will be put to the Planning Committee on 5th December, and they will report to the Executive Committee on 12th December. The Executive at that meeting will be deciding whether to modify the UDP in response to any objections, and then making recommendations on this to the Council Assembly which meets on 24th January 07.

The meetings are all at the Town Hall and start at 7pm. If you want a proper review of the possible depot locations, including a thorough assessment of the impact on Peckham, please come to those meetings and show your support. To keep up to date on this, email: info@peckhamvision.org

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