Call For Public Inquiry To Be Re-opened

There have been many objections to the UDP proposal to locate part of the tram depot in Peckham, because it is not consistent with the Planning Inspector’s assessment that any split-site tram depot should seek to protect the majority of the jobs on the site and the amenity of the neighbouring residents.Several objectors have called for the Public Inquiry to be re-opened. Peckham Vision said:

The split-site depot policy is a completely new policy since the UDP Public Inquiry. We propose therefore that there should be a re-opened Public Inquiry into this new policy proposal to enable all affected to have their statutory right to consider, comment or object to the proposed new policy.

There are also calls for the Council to make a public commitment to a public and comprehensive review of potential sites across the entire Cross River Tram network area as recommended by the September 2006 Phase 2 report on the Tram Depot prepared for TfL.

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