The UDP Process Has Failed Peckham

The UDP process has been grinding on since 2002, revising the Council’s Land Use policy for the whole Borough. In many cases it has produced some real improvements, and has engaged the public. But for Peckham town centre it has spectacularly failed on both counts. It is designating a huge part of the town centre for a tram depot without there having been any information published about what this means, nor any opportunities to discuss the impact and other potential for the site.

The aim of the Peckham Vision campaign is to achieve a proper review of the impact of the tram depot plans on the Peckham town centre, so that we can have an informed discussion about this central part of Peckham before it is too late. The campaign is about minimising as much as possible the impact of the proposed tram depot. The UDP process forces us to make comments as objections and so appear to dwell on the negative impacts of the depot plan. This seems to be the only way at this stage of the UDP process to register the deep and wide concerns in Peckham about the tram depot proposals.

The lack of will on the part of the Council and TfL to engage with the public on this was illustrated during the I Love Peckham festival in August. They brought their exhibition stand about the tram to the town square and there was no mention at all of the plan to put the tram depot in Peckham town centre! It just didn’t exist.

All the information we are disseminating has been extracted under the Freedom of Information Act. Had it not been for our campaign very few would know of the huge scale of the plans. The draft UDP said nothing except the words ‘tram depot’ and now, after the Inspector rejected that, the modification to ‘split-site tram depot’. There is still nothing published about the fact that the revised plan would demolish most of the huge UDP site 63P, and change the road system probably adversely affecting all traffic through Peckham town centre and residential areas.

The UDP processes as far as Peckham town centre is concerned have so far been a significant failure in ventilating the issues for owners, occupiers, residents and others. Let’s try to make a difference by sending in to the Council by 13 October the Representation Forms in this last chance to object to the current plans. See blog below for information on this.

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